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The Traveling Biologist

Before we get too deep into traveling, I figured I should introduce myself. So who am I!? By now you know that I am a wife and mother of two but I hold many more hats!

Science Nerd. I have lived in Pennsylvania all of my life but went to college in N.Y. for Marine Biology and minored in Psychology and Secondary Education. You see my whole life I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. In fact in my mom (who keeps everything including a certificate of how fast I threw a baseball at a Phillies game back in 1989) found a list of my dreams from when I was 10 years old. Becoming a marine biologist topped the list. I have to say it is much more achievable than finding gold at the end of a rainbow...

Animal Lover. Because of my love for animals we had an eclectic mix of friends in our house. Dogs of course-usually 2 at a time, a cat (sadly I'm allergic), hamsters, fish, gerbils, a rabbit, birds, a snake...the snake took a little convincing. My family is probably happy I started working with animals for a living, otherwise this list would have most likely grown.

Music Maker. I've been playing the piano since I was around 4 years old. I even played the Ode to Joy in my kindergarten graduation. I started the clarinet in middle school and moved to the harp in high school. I love getting lost in music and I even considered applying to Juilliard for a bit.

Perfectionist. Sometimes a gift, sometimes a curse. I can often get lost in a project at home or work. I see the minute details of things and do a lot of reading and research to try to make everything perfect.

Life Long Learner. I love learning new things. I'm one of those people who liked highlighting and writing all over my English books! I find that learning a new skill or task is intimidating at first but once I start I get hooked. I often find myself looking at the community college course list and see so many fun classes that I want to take from computers to modern dance. One day perhaps, until then I will get lost in some good books.

Teacher. Teaching runs in my family, both my mom and brother are teachers. I however never wanted to be a teacher. But in college, I realized it wasn't going to take too many extra classes to get my degree. I figured it would be something I could fall back on. This has been one of my best decisions, I may not teach in a brick and mortar school but the concepts that I learned there I use daily.

Honestly, the list can keep going but those are some of the most common categories that I see in my daily life. It's funny because I can already see many of these trends in my daughters. My oldest already plays the piano (including Ode to Joy) and she is always asking how and why things are the way that they are. My youngest always has a book in her hand and is the animal lover- although it doesn't always translate to the dogs in that way as she is pulling their tail!

Traveling truly fits into all of these characteristics as well! Traveling allows me to explore the world around me. I continue to experience new things and teach my family about different cultures. I hope you continue to follow the blog as I take you with us and give you some insight on my life and traveling experiences!

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